Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Macro World

Bought a 2nd hand Tokina AT-X 100 AF F2.8.

Here are some of the experiment results.

My short pant

Looks like a sun flower

After successful polination

Propellers flower (?)

Bug on leaf

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kampung kampung

Holiday in Bundu Tuhan. Nothing compare to home!

From Tinompok, the entrance to Bundu Tuhan

To open the gate, you have to move the long bamboo one by one. It just to prevent cows from entering the yard.

I like the colors of the mattress, made from different pieces of clothes

Nothing special

Mount Kinabalu in the morning

Mount Kinabalu at noon

SMK Bundu Tuhan as seen from our house

Wild ginger

My MIL's new cat, so cute

Orchids, naturally grows around the house

No...I don't know what plant is this

What insect?