Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lab de Tour

Here is Lab Papa, working on the day where most people are enjoying TV at home or perhaps go shopping with family.

Anyways, Lab papa has like 2 and half hours before his next work begins. So LabPapa decided to take you for a brief tour to his lab (not his actually).

Lab papa's lab is on the 5th floor. FYI, in Japan, there is no ground floor, instead they start count from 1st floor.
In front of our room. The white notice board is always falling down.
Entrance to the lab
Lab papa's colleagues like to do work until late at night...because they come late to the lab (LOL)
Oh, that is lab papa's tiny working place
So many things!
Incubators room. Pretty hot in here. Big machines release lots of heat.
Analytical room
Again, analytical room from different angle
Lobby. Hey! looks like they are preparing for something.