Monday, July 20, 2009


Today is the Marine Day and it is holiday.

We had an impromptu but very enjoyable BBQ with Malaysian friends.

Not so much into foods because we just wanted to spend and enjoy the time together.

We played some famous childhood games like this one.

SPLASHHHHH!!! The sea was very cold.

Sekiya Beach. No white sandy beach like in Sabah. But everybody loves to go.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Macro World

Bought a 2nd hand Tokina AT-X 100 AF F2.8.

Here are some of the experiment results.

My short pant

Looks like a sun flower

After successful polination

Propellers flower (?)

Bug on leaf

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kampung kampung

Holiday in Bundu Tuhan. Nothing compare to home!

From Tinompok, the entrance to Bundu Tuhan

To open the gate, you have to move the long bamboo one by one. It just to prevent cows from entering the yard.

I like the colors of the mattress, made from different pieces of clothes

Nothing special

Mount Kinabalu in the morning

Mount Kinabalu at noon

SMK Bundu Tuhan as seen from our house

Wild ginger

My MIL's new cat, so cute

Orchids, naturally grows around the house

No...I don't know what plant is this

What insect?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am in need of a sunbeam

The images of Niigata are rice fields, snow and unbearable coldness. Most of the time the sky is dull grey for the whole winter season.

Today was not one of those boring days. So we took of to Shinano riverbank for a stroll.

Those are the sakura trees without leaves and flowers

Train heading to Uchino

Light bulbs from a fisherman's boat

Merlion! Nope, this is the guard of Hakusan Shrine's enterance

Always find these straws hanging at the shrine's enterance

Plum's flowers bloom ahead of sakura

Red face Japanese monkey

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kobe-Hiroshima Adventure Day 3

Day 3.

We moved to another hotel, Shinshuen Hotel, near the Kobe Station. Compared to Sannomiya area, this place was relatively quiet with many old fashion shops. The Hotel was also very close to Kobe's famous Harbour Land. So it was easy for us to go and explore the place.

Enjoy the pictures.

One fine morning in Kobe

Sannomiya station, the busiest station in Kobe

Kobe station-out of the buzz

Many interesting objects can be found along the street going to Harbour Land

Harbour Land's Mosaic offers wide selections of unique and expensive restaurants

Kobe's most popular radio station, Kiss FM 89.9

Harbour Land

If you come to Kobe, the port kobe cruise is a must. A few selections of ships are available and we ride this daring but adorable pink pirate ship.

Off we go for 45 minutes ride

Inside the ship

Another cruise heading back to mainland

I never saw a huge ship like this in my life-Aurica Leader, Singapore

Japanese navy ship

Kobe's most reputable workshop for ships, the Kawasaki Company. Can you see a submarine?

Harbour Land taken from our pirate ship. Ohhoiiii...

Our lunch. Cold soba noodle with raw minced mackerel and hot soba noodle with vegetable and seafood tempura. Yummy!

Illuminations along the way to Harbor Land

Even back of these whales illuminated at nights in Harbour Land

The gigantic ferris wheel at Mosaic Garden

Arial night view of Port of Kobe taken from ferris wheel

Three Kobe's landmarks, Kobe Tower, Kobe Marine Museum, and Oriental Hotel

We had dinner in this eat-all-you-can seafood restaurant